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Are you unemployed and need more educational credentials to prepare for the workforce?

Do you have a job, but want to acquire a degree, diploma, professional or technical certification to advance in your career?

Are you employed, or under-employed, but want to change career, and therefore, require training and certification in a new field?

Are you a self-employed entrepreneur but looking for some classes or training in certain skills to enhance your business?

Are you a stay-at-home mom or dad who wants to continue your college education while taking care of your little ones?

Did you drop out of college years ago, and now have the desire to finish what you started, but feeling too old and out of place sitting in a classroom with a bunch of college kids?

Are you planning to transition from military service to civilian life, but cannot stay in one place long enough to complete college because you keep getting transferred every two years?

Are you retired, but still want to keep your passion for learning while enjoying your retirement?

Of course, there are many more reasons why you might need online learning. According to the US Department of Education, there was an estimated 12.2 million enrollments (or registrations) in college-level credit-granting distance education courses in 2006–07 in the United States alone. That means, there are over 12 million reasons why one might need an online education!

If you are thinking about online college, you are not alone.

Whatever is your reason for online learning, this site provides you with both information and inspiration to get the education you want and truly deserve.

This site is NOT another bland “directory of online schools” … you know one of those sites where they simply list all the online schools in this world and then ask you to click for application materials, without providing any meaningful context and information that could guide you in making the decision about which school or program to choose.

There are thousands of online colleges, universities, institutions, programs and courses that deciding which one to choose can sometimes be a difficult and frustrating exercise, which makes some people to simply give up or keep delaying getting their education.

This weblog helps to simplify that process for you, and helps to reduce the stress in making that crucial decision about your online education.

I will research, review and list online programs that I consider superior. I will provide tips and information for which schools or programs to choose, as well as how to fund your education. I will provide advice for online study and success strategies. And I will be there with you, providing guidance as you continue to manage your life and school while working toward achieving your dream.

As a college professor, my greatest reward and moments of joy are those times when former students call or email to inform me of their career and life successes, telling me how my teaching helped to inspire them.

I sincerely hope that this website will help in its own little way to inspire and guide you to greater accomplishments, too. I hope that one day you will write to tell us about your own online education success.