How to Improve Your Writing with Grammarly


Use Grammarly to help you improve on your writing, essay projects, assignments and term papers.


Use Grammarly to improve your writing

Use Grammarly to write better essays

Are you one of those students who struggle with grammar, syntax and spelling errors? You know you have good ideas for the project, you had conducted very good research, but you end up losing valuable points because of grammatical errors.

Or maybe you’re a non-English native speaker who is always struggling to find the correct words and sentence structures to write your paper?

There is a NEW solution to your challenge.

Use Grammarly to help you improve on your essay projects, assignments and term papers.

Grammarly is an award-winning writing and proofreading tool that helps you instantly find grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, as well as avoid plagiarism. This is more than your word processor’s spelling check. Consider this software your personal grammar coach.

Award Winning Writing Tool

Grammarly is a rapidly growing service which has been endorsed by several professors and universities worldwide. I’m sure all college professors will agree with me that students these days need serious help with their writing skills.

Grammarly’s online proofreading software provides a suite of features that will help you proofread, edit, and improve your writing, whether you are a student, a professional or somewhere in between. The proofreading program also checks your writing for plagiarism, scans for grammatical errors, and performs word usage and spelling check. The Grammarly proofreader is a comprehensive solution for writers looking to improve.

Some Key Benefits of Grammarly:

  • Instantly proofread your text and correct over 150 types of errors, some of which you probably never knew existed.


  • Enhance your vocabulary usage with context-optimized suggestions. Find words and phrases inconsistent with context or style of your document to really polish up your writing


  • Avoid plagiarism by checking for originality and generating citations. Don’t let plagiarism get you into trouble


Grammarly provides an integral service for mistake-free writing. People who use Grammarly are amazed at how easy it is to use, and rave about the precision of mistake detection.


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Who Needs Grammarly?

  • Millions of students in colleges and universities, of course. But more than that … others who absolutely need Grammarly include …


  • Copywriters … who write for a living


  • Professionals and business owners … for proofing memos, emails and proposals


  • English language learners (as well as native speakers) … for improving text and writing skills


  • Bloggers … yes, bloggers and website content providers


  • Consultants … who are looking for a solution to the perennial problem of poor writing skills


  • Job seekers … for editing resumes and cover letters


It’s understood that the editing needs of writers differ, so Grammarly can be set to check grammatical errors according to your needs. The grammar checker can be set to analyze the grammar of General, Business, Academic, Technical, Creative, or Casual writing genres. This feature allows you to optimize the grammar review for the nature of your individual writing and editing needs.

Overall, the Grammarly online grammar tool is not only good for discovering what to fix in your writing, but how to fix it. It helps you improve your writing beyond grammar and spelling. This functionality makes it a useful educational tool and addition to any writer’s toolbox.

Click Here to check Grammarly out. Correct all grammar errors and check for plagiarism – instant and free!


Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!


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