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Registered Nurse

  Registered nurses (RNs) constitute the largest healthcare occupation, with 2.6 million jobs.         What They Do: Registered nurses (RNs), regardless of specialty or work setting, treat patients, educate patients and the public about various medical conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients’ family members. RNs record patients’ medical histories […]

Medical Assistants

  Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners running smoothly.   The duties of medical assistants vary from office to office, depending on the location and size of the practice and the practitioner’s specialty. In small practices, medical assistants usually do many different […]

Healthcare Administration

  Healthcare administrators plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the efficient delivery of healthcare services.   This is one of the lesser known, yet highly valuable and so well-paid area of the healthcare industry. Yes, we all know about our physicians and nurses, and their numerous aides, but do you also remember that healthcare is a […]