Strategies for Coping with Online College Stress

Stress is one of the biggest challenges online college and distance learning students deal with.       While we celebrate the many benefits and massive growth of online education, there is little or no discussion about the challenges of stress that online students deal with.   I teach two or three online college courses […]

Computer Online Backup System for Busy Online Students

If you are an online student, you should seriously consider getting an online backup system for your computer. Yes, disaster does not happen everyday, but let’s face it, do you want to be caught unprepared when disaster does happen? The harrowing experience of one of my students is instructive. Kim is a very hardworking student, […]

Online College Students Need Speed-Reading

 Speed reading is especially important for online students. And so you decided to enroll in an online college. You are happy you finally made that first step, and you’re excited about the prospects of improved career and quality of life that awaits you when you complete your program. But then in the first semester, you […]