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Medical Transcriptionists

  Medical transcriptionists listen to dictated recordings made by physicians and other healthcare professionals and transcribe them into medical reports, correspondence, and other administrative material.   The documents they produce include discharge summaries, medical history and physical examination reports, operative reports, consultation reports, autopsy reports, diagnostic-imaging studies, progress notes, and referral letters.    Medical Transcription: […]

Medical Records and Health Information System

  Medical records and health information technicians assemble patients’ health information including medical history, symptoms, examination results, diagnostic tests, treatment methods, and all other healthcare provider services.   Technicians organize and manage health information data by ensuring its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security. They regularly communicate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to clarify diagnoses […]

Kindle Wireless Reading Device

  TAKE ALL YOUR TEXTBOOKS WITH YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO – TO WORK, VACATION, GYM, …   Kindle is Amazon’s #1 bestselling item for two years running. Millions of People are Reading on Kindle. It’s also the most-wished-for, most-gifted, and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon. Now it’s even better. All-New, High-Contrast […]