Transparent Language Learning System

Have you always wanted to learn a new language, but don’t know which of the numerous language learning tools and softwares will work for you?


Learning a language with Transparent Language is easy, fun and effective

Learning a language with Transparent Language is easy, fun and effective


Transparent Language is a research-based and experience-driven methodology designed to help learners quickly and clearly master a new language.

More so than any other language program, Transparent Language relies on proven works from experts in both linguistics and neuroscience to create products that actually work – supported by expert research and proven best practices from the nation’s leading professional language schools and government agencies.

Transparent Language uses what is called the “Declarative Method” and the “Declarative Acceleration” language learning systems.

These systems are based on research about how the brain functions, and how best to take advantage of that when learning a new language.

Neuroscientists have found that two brain systems – the declarative memory and the procedural memory – enable people to learn, retain, and produce language.

  • Declarative memory collects vocabulary words, phrases, and even short sentences.
  • Procedural memory manages the skill of applying grammar rules and producing language.

Linguists agree that the key to second language acquisition is first building a declarative foundation – a ready supply of words and phrases locked into the declarative memory.

Successfully memorizing a sufficient number of vocabulary terms is a big part of language proficiency, especially at beginner levels.

Moreover, a larger lexical reservoir also makes using the target language more satisfying for the learner and makes learning procedural language skills easier.

Transparent Language is designed to help the learner build a large vocabulary of words and phrases that are easily recalled and retained in long-term memory, but in much less time and with more certainty and reliability. In that way, you will learn a new language faster, with less ambiguity, with longer retention, and less potential for frustration.

If all these sound “Greek” to you, well maybe it’s time to actually learn Greek, or Spanish, or German, or Portuguese, or Russian, or French, or Arabic, or any of the over 100 languages (and ESL) that Transparent Language offers.

Just think of how far you can go, and what immense advantages you will have over the competition in this global, multi-cultural world we live in today, if you have knowledge of a second language?

If you’re a parent, you owe it to your child to get her or him early in learning a foreign language.

For adult learners, a world of international travels to exotic locations very easily opens up in front of you with Transparent Language programs.

Transparent Language softwares are being used by not only schools and universities, government and corporations, but also by international organizations, spy agencies, diplomats and missionaries.

Transparent Language makes learning foreign languages easy, fun, and effective. Click here to try Transparent Language for FREE for one week and judge for yourself.


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