Time Management for Online Students

Time management is clearly one of the biggest challenges online students have to deal with.

Multi-tasker: Work, Study, Exercise ...

Multi-tasker: Work, Study, Exercise …

In addition to work, family, church, and other social activities to juggle, you now have to also add school work!

Time Management Problems for Online students:

  • You do not have enough time to fit all that must be done
  • You do not have enough resources to “purchase time” or outsource important, but time-consuming needs like childcare or yard maintenance or house cleaning!
  • Lack of discipline and focus – you often allow unwarranted distractions to intrude into your life
  • Procrastination – yes, you keep putting off what needs to be done … waiting till the last minute to start your research report!
  • Emergencies – especially, the unforeseen emergencies that often come up in life.

Strategies for dealing with time management for online students

Applying some or all of these practical steps will help you manage your time effectively and be successful as an online student.

  •  Clear Goal – Know what you want and why you want them. If you don’t have a clear goal, it’s often difficult to stay focused … you get easily distracted … the smallest breeze that comes your way blows you off course. Read books and programs about goal-setting. Write down your goals and review them daily.


  • Keep a routine – maintain daily schedule and planning. Prioritize and follow your schedules.


  • Bite only as much as you can chew – do not overwhelm yourself. It’s a recipe for stress, burn-out, and low productivity.


  • Keep your energy up and spirit high – with healthy diet, good exercise, and adequate sleep. Take good breaks, laughter and sunshine into your life.


  • No more procrastination – do what has to be done today, and do it well! In that way, you don’t have to overcrowd tomorrow with unfinished works. Don’t wait till a few days to the deadline to start writing your report. Don’t wait until the night before your exam to start studying for it. You will end up with mediocre grades.


If you struggle with procrastination, Click Here for an excellent program that will help you eliminate the problem!


  • Organized work space – If you can’t have one in your home, consider the local library. Keep all your papers, books and supplies organized. Misplacing books or papers can be unnecessary time waster.


  •  Invest in efficient and time-saving technologies – if you can, invest in quality technology like fast-running computers and updated software, smart phones, and netbooks. If used appropriately, these are not mere geek gadgets; they can enhance your productivity by 300 fold, and save you enormous time and hassle.

Have you thought about investing in a Kindle Wireless Reader … you may be able to take your books to every where you go without actually carrying them!


  • Learn Speed Reading – yes, you absolutely need it! With very limited time available to you, being able to read and comprehend with speed is essential to your academic success. There are many good speed reading programs out there.


  • Increase your typing speed – the speed at which you type affects your productivity in online education. The faster you can type, the more you can contribute in online discussion blogs, and be able to complete your papers quicker.

Learn to use the short-cut key strokes on your keyboard. Get some programs or courses that teach you how to type faster.

  • Multi-task – listen to your audio lectures while working out in the gym or driving around town. Read your notes and books in the train while commuting to and from work. Don’t waste your lunch breaks talking on the phone or surfing the internet … use your breaks to study.


  •   Maximize use of resources available to you – your instructor, fellow students, libraries, study guides, tutoring services are all resources you can use. Find out what each professor wants during the first week of class. PRINT the course syllabus, and write down all the assignment due dates and put them in your calendar.


  •  Discover the reason why voice mail was invented! – If it’s not an emergency, you don’t have to answer every phone call. Return the calls when it’s most convenient for you. And running your mouth in the internet chat rooms, emails, tweeter and facebook is not exactly online learning.


  •  Learn to say “No.” Online education may offer convenience, but it does require and do take up a lot of time. You, therefore, have to cut down on the time you give to other things to be able to accommodate your online education. This may not be the right time to take up that leadership role in the PTA or the Men’s Club in your church.


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