Online College Students Need Speed-Reading

 Speed reading is especially important for online students.

Online College Student Reading

Online College Student Reading

And so you decided to enroll in an online college. You are happy you finally made that first step, and you’re excited about the prospects of improved career and quality of life that awaits you when you complete your program.

But then in the first semester, you are bombarded with loads of materials to READ … textbooks, hand-outs, and every thing in between. On top of that, you have to participate actively in the online discussions and write numerous class reports, research papers, and examinations.

You are already pressed for time … working full-time job and a part-time one; and dealing with numerous family and community responsibilities. You have to maximize the limited time you have available for your study. Speed is of essence here – speed in reading, comprehension and writing.

Speed reading is especially important for online students. In many cases you may be dealing with materials and content that are new and strange to you, and you do not have all the extra time to devote to learning those materials to master them. Because you have been out of school for some time, and may not have been reading academic books, your reading and comprehension skills for academic writing may have diminished; and now you’re struggling to catch up.

How long does it take you to read a 200-page book … on say, the French Revolution? Now, you’re beginning to sweat, your heart is beginning to race!

Speed reading software and programs are great tools you can use to enable you do well in your online college courses. They can

  • help you improve on your reading skills
  • enhance your speed and comprehension
  • improve your vocabulary
  • help you stop feeling pressure under piles of books, manuscripts and trade papers

Mastery in reading proficiency is clearly a powerful success tool in online education. It can help you become a confident and active participant in your class discussions. It also improves your writing skills, and can help you achieve better grades.

I strongly believe that one of the reasons why many students don’t finish college (or even high school) is because of poor reading skills. Every year 40% of high school students in America, 50% of four-year college students and 70% of two-year college students DO NOT graduate! Think of all the time and money invested in getting these students to college only for them not to graduate, perhaps, because they can’t read fast enough to complete the course materials.

You can be able to beat information overload by learning to easily identify the most important information in any document you are reading. Of course, you save yourself a lot of time.

Speed reading can help you develop a life long love for reading … reading not only for college, but for work, business and life. You will no longer feel dumb on any topic … because you can quickly read it up and get all the information and knowledge you need.

We identified 3 really good speed reading programs that you can try.

1. Speed Reading Secrets by Michael Masterman

What if you could TRIPLE your reading speed in under 60 minutes?

The course by Michael Masterman includes tests, so that you can literally see just how well you are improving. And if you don’t improve enough, claim your money back through his guarantee!

Masterman predicts the average American student or worker could save one day of work a week following his advice. I think he’s probably right.

Masterson is a specialist in Accelerated Learning, and has trained thousands of people in past several years in Advanced Speed Reading.

Masterson promises there are no filler and no fluff in his program. He cuts through the crap and gives you just the tools that work. You will turbo-charge your reading speed in no time.

Click here to Visit Michael Masterman’s The Speed Reading Secrets.


2. Speed Reading X

Speed Reading X is one of the leading speed reading programs in the market, available in both online and CD-ROM versions.

Speed Reader X® uses the scientifically proven Achieve Learning System to accelerate the learning process and provide positive visual feedback.

Speed Reader X® is designed to make learning speed reading fast and easy. The system consists of 10 lessons. The lesson objective is explained in the manual. You then practice the lesson using the software. As your eyes scan the text on the screen you are un-learning bad reading habits and learning new, good habits. You click the Next button, words flash and you begin to quickly overcome the roadblocks you were taught in school.

Developed by Elite Minds, Inc, Speed Reading X is endorsed and used by several schools and corporations, students and professionals from all walks of life.

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3. Nilzon Publishing Group’s Speed Reading Secrets

Developed by Jim Nilzon, this system boasts that you could read up to 10 times your initial speed … and with higher comprehension than ever before!

Comprehension is the key to rapid reading. The rule of the game is that you can never go faster than you understand something. If you do, you’re wasting your time.

Nilson’s program teaches you how to study better and faster with the new cutting-edge methods that help students get top grades in as little as one-half the time others spend! (It will be so easy to keep up with your studies that you will have time to hold down a full-time job!)

You also learn the correct way to take study notes… which instantly transforms them into a computer-like “mental printout” that reflects a profound understanding of the material! (This alone will significantly enhance your ability to remember and use the material you study!)

And how to cut a big, scary learning project down to manageable size, and give yourself super confidence in coping with it. When you apply these strategies and tactics you will never again be stressed out by school.

Try Jim Nilzon’s Speed Reading Secrets Here


 All three products are backed by money-back guarantee. Just give one a try, if you don’t like it return it for your money back.


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