Online Trade Schools and Vocational Education

Online trade schools (also known as vocational education or career training schools) are schools or programs where students learn job-specific skills.


Vocational Education – learning to repair fire alarm system


Students are prepared for jobs that are based on practical activities and totally related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation, such as applied technology, auto repair, beautician, cosmetology, HVAC, electrician, plumbing, painting, and so on.

Online vocational and trade programs provide you with practical skills that you can use in everyday life … skills that are marketable. Training and certifications in high demand areas are mostly sure to lead to employment and promotions or higher earnings.

Vocational education had been erroneously regarded in the past as activities of the lower classes.


But as the labor market becomes more specialized and economies demand higher levels of skills, governments and businesses are increasingly investing in vocational education and trade schools.


Since the late 20th century, trade schools and vocational education have diversified, and now exists in industries such as retail, tourism, information technology, funeral services, cosmetics and environmental conservation, as well as in the traditional crafts and cottage industries.

Good trade schools and vocational education programs also include the teaching of entrepreneurial skills in their curriculum.


In that case, you are not only learning the craft, but also how to run your own business. You don’t just want a license in auto repair, you also want to know how to start and manage your own auto repair shop.

Many of the good online trade school programs are flexible; you advance at your own pace. You can work during the day, and study at night.

Some of the best accredited online schools with comprehensive vocational and trade programs I have seen include the Penn Foster Career School and the Stratford Career Institute.

Each of these schools offer such programs as auto mechanic, electrician, landscaping, home inspector, locksmith, gunsmith, motorcycle repair, plumbing, small engine repair, carpenter, appliance repairs, conservation, and pet grooming.