Online Degree Programs

Online degree programs are those programs you can complete to earn your degree mostly or entirely via your computer connected to the internet.

Earning Her Degree from Home

Once considered to be on the periphery of higher education only a few years ago, online degree programs have grown substantially, thanks in large part to advancement in internet technology and recognition of its immense benefit and quality by both institutions and employers.

For-profit institutions dominated online degree programs in the past. Now, however, several public and private traditional colleges and universities have jumped in to offer many of their programs online.

Online enrolments have soared in recent years, due in part to rising unemployment as more people seek to fortify their resumes with additional degrees, certifications and skills.


Traditional private and public universities are expanding their online degree offerings either as a way of lowering the cost of tuition or of raising revenue.

Whatever is the reason, the explosion of online degree programs is to your advantage. You now have more choices, and a lot more better quality programs to choose from. Because you are no longer limited by distance, you can look for the best accredited institution that offers the degree program that you really want.

Online degree programs typically attract students who other wise might have not been able to attend traditional on-campus institutions, either because of work, family, military service, or other obligations.

We are however, now seeing increasing number of college-age students opting for online degree programs for a variety of reasons. Some want to earn their college degree from a certain brand institution, but not willing or unable to relocate to that institution’s location. Other students could not find the degree program they wanted at the institution nearest to them.

I know of a young man who is a full-time student at an on-campus college, while studying for a second degree at an online institution.

Other benefits of online degree programs are:

Flexibility – you learn at your own pace and from wherever that is convenient for you. I have had some students complete their courses from their hospital bed or while recuperating at home after surgery or while nursing their new-born baby!

In a traditional on-campus, those students would have to suspend their programs or drop out of school.

Hey, you can even be on vacation in the Caribbean and still be earning your degree – talk about eating your cake and having it!

Lower Cost – because you don’t have to pay for room and board, commuting and childcare costs, online degree programs could be cheaper on your pocket. You pay for only tuition and cost of supplies.

No geographic barriers – you get to attend any college you want, without stepping out of your living room!

Collaborative Learning – internet technology has greatly improved collaboration both at workplace and in learning. Online degree programs best capture those fascinating improvements.

At the rate online education is growing, there is increasing concern that traditional brick-and-mortar educational system may very well become obsolete by the next generation or two.




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