Why You Need an Online Certificate Program

Online certificate programs are educational programs that lead to the award of certificate of completion instead of a degree.

Certificates can be awarded at undergraduate or graduate level.

Online Associate Degree Student

Certificate programs generally involve fewer set of courses focused on a specific skill, task or a particular aspect of a field or profession.

Certificate programs can help to enhance your job performance, gain you recognition and increase your marketability in your career field or an area of interest in less time than it takes to earn a degree.

Undergraduate degree programs usually take four to six years to complete. You can typically complete a certificate program in six to twelve months!

Why Should You Want or Need a Certificate Program?

To gain valuable knowledge, skills or training in a specific field

To supplement a degree program – for example, a licensed teacher with a bachelor’s degree in education could decide to also secure a certificate in Early Child Education Endorsement in order to teach in early childhood setting (birth to grade 3)

To prepare for nationally-recognized certifying examination – for example, a professional who manages and implements projects and system changes at an organization could decide to take a project management training and certificate program offered by several online institutions to prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certifying exam granted by the Project Management Institute.

To prepare for a career change: You can complete a certificate program in about 6 months in your new career of interest, instead of years it will take for a degree program.

To strengthen your existing career and position in your current job. Additional certificate and credentials can make you stand out and ahead of the pack.

• Or you want to develop a back-up career and skill … especially during this period of economic uncertainty and job insecurity

• Or perhaps, you want to explore those new and emerging fields for which degree programs are not yet fully developed, like the “green jobs” fields.

To enhance your business and entrepreneurship … take certificate programs in various areas of business and management or information systems to learn valuable new skills and information you can apply in your business.

To earn credit toward a degree – some institutions allow students to apply courseworks taken for certificate programs toward a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.

• Of course, you may want a certificate program just to massage your ego … yes, take a certificate program just to prove that you can do it!