Law and Criminal Justice

Law and criminal justice professionals interpret, apply and enforce the law in other to keep the society safe and maintain order.


Law and Criminal JusticeCareers in law enforcement and public safety are considered some of the most noble callings. We depend on them to a great extent to protect the rights, lives and properties of all citizens.

Law and criminal justice professionals settle civil disputes and ensure that peace prevails in the society.

Because legal and law enforcement cover almost every facet of our society, there are several career options and paths in this field.


Some of them include attorney, law clerk, paralegal, police officer, sheriff, correctional officer, probation officer, custom agent, immigration officer, FBI agent, drug enforcement agent, secret service agent, court reporter, US Marshall, Homeland security, etc.

If you have always been fascinated with the law, you may want to explore these career options further:

Paralegal and Legal Assistants

Court Reporters


Police Officer and Detective

Homeland Security

Claim Adjuster & Fraud Investigation

Forensic Science & Crime Scene Investigator

Computer Forensic & Crime Investigator

Private Detective

Title Examiner, Abstractors & Searchers


Law Enforcement careers