Computer Online Backup System for Busy Online Students

If you are an online student, you should seriously consider getting an online backup system for your computer.

Online backup

Yes, disaster does not happen everyday, but let’s face it, do you want to be caught unprepared when disaster does happen?

The harrowing experience of one of my students is instructive. Kim is a very hardworking student, and one of the best students in the class. She works two jobs, is married and has three kids … and at the same time, a student. I take my hat off for Kim and many like her who are juggling career, family and college.

So you can imagine how busy Kim was. And imagine how distraught she was when she lost a major class project she completed to a freak computer accident! Kim spent several weeks working on this project during those times she was able to squeeze out in between her jobs and motherly (and wifely) duties. She completed the work. But just before she could submit it to me, she stepped away from her desk to get a cup of coffee, when her 14 month old son pulled on the laptop chord and the computer fell on the hard floor and broke.

Luckily for Kim, she had warranty on the laptop. But unfortunately, she did not have online back-up system, and she did not save the work on a flash drive or any other external drive. After unsuccessful attempts to recover the data in the laptop, Kim decided to re-write the project. But then the term has ended. I granted Kim extra time (“Incomplete”), but due to the pressures of work and family, she still was not able to finish by the required due date. She lost that class … all because of a freak accident.

Online back-up systems like Mozy or Livedrive automatically back up your files and store them online. They monitor your computer for new files and changes to existing ones and quickly and easily back them up.

With online backup systems, any file you are working on at any time is easily and automatically backed up. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to save your works to a flash drive, and you don‘t have to worry about accidents, misplacing your flash drive, or your computer getting stolen or corrupted.

With Mozy or Livedrive, you can back-up everything on your computer, all your school works, financial and other documents, as well as photos, videos, and music.


And most importantly, you can access your files at any time from any computer with internet access. So if you are faced with a freak computer accident like Kim, you can easily go to your secure online storage and retrieve all your works.

Think of all the efforts you are putting into your school work, all the time and money invested! Do yourself a favor; back them up where no flood or fire, no homework-eating dog or chord-pulling toddler can reach. Back them up online!

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