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Searching through all those countless online college directories out there can sometimes be as confusing as a maze.

I set up this website ( to help simplify the process for motivated people like you seeking the education you need to improve your life and that of your loved ones.

Other online college directories talk about how they have 3,000 programs and 1,000 schools listed in their directory.

We know you don’t need 3,000 online programs or 1,000 online colleges. You don’t even need 10! All you need is just ONE program (or course) at a time to advance your career and life.

So, how do you find and choose that one program out of those thousands? That is the question!

Here in this page, Ask the Professor! I will provide you with FREE advice and guidance to the best of my knowledge, expertise and information.

Use the form below to send me whatever questions you have about online education, and I will do everything to answer them as quickly as possible.



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