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Affordable online courses at Straighterline

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Oh yes, times are hard and money is tight. But you know what you want out of life. You know you need college, but you also need flexibility and affordability.

You need college classes that fit your busy schedule, but you don’t need those bank-breaking tuition bills. You probably have noticed that college and university administrators now hike college tuitions at liberty.

So you NEED StraighterLine.

StraighterLine is an innovative, revolutionary educational company that provides recognized online college courses at very affordable rates.

Students take required college courses online, built on the expertise of seasoned, respected and proven instructors.

StraighterLine college course materials come from McGraw-Hill, and they undergo rigorous scrutiny by respected college professors and administrators at a number of colleges and universities.


Additionally, the courses are evaluated and recommended by both the American Council on Education (ACE) Credit Recommendation Service and the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), a federal Department of Education recognized accreditation agency.

After you have finished a number of StraighterLine courses, you can transfer your credits seamlessly to one of StraighterLine’s numerous Partner Colleges where you then complete your degree. By taking a huge chunk of your college courses and credits at StraighterLine, you save yourself a lot of money and avoid unnecessary student debt.


Be smart! After all, that’s what college is all about.


StraighterLine offers the most cost effective method for completing online college courses and earning the credit you need for your college degree. Courses typically take six weeks to successfully complete. If you stay focused and on plan, you can save yourself up to $15,000 on the overall cost and earn the very same degree from the best online accredited colleges.

Just compare tuition at your nearest state or private four-year or community college!

And finally, if you are thinking about online college courses then this is a great way to test the waters while minimizing your costs.


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