7 Reasons Why You Should Use 360Training.com for Your Continuing Education and Workforce Training


360Training.com offers you opportunity for workforce e-training, Continuing Education, certification and career skills and compliance solutions at very affordable cost.


Continuing Education and certification at low cost

360Training.com offers you opportunity for continuing education at very low cost


Here are reasons why you should sign up with 360Training.com for your career and certification training.


1. Over 6,000+ Courses

360Training.com is the world’s largest workforce e-training with over 6,000 online and offline courses available 24/7 under one “roof.” Courses are available in over 26 industry categories with over 3 million users worldwide. So chances are that your needs and requirements are fully covered. New courses are added regularly.

Some of the courses have mobile apps, taking distance education a notch higher!


2. Affordable Prices

360Training.com has the largest content library at the lowest price for individuals and corporations. You even get free Learning Management System (LMS) with two or more subscriptions, or with corporate subscriptions

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3. Career Change

360Training.com will give you the education and certification you need to make a career switch – whether you’ve been laid off in your previous employment or you just want to move in a different direction.

They have trainings and courses in real estate, insurance and securities, cosmetology and healthcare.


4. Other Hot Careers

Other hot careers and courses available in 360Training.com include IT Certification, Quality Management Education, Food and Beverage Server Training, Power and Utilities Training, and HVAC Technician.

Courses are available for new certifications or for Continuing Education (CE).


5. Business Training

Are you an entrepreneur or want to run your own business? 360Training.com has you covered with courses in Business Skills, How to Hire the Right People, Interpersonal Communication, and HR Ethics and Legal Compliance.

Remember, when it comes to business: the more you learn, the more you earn.


6. Track Your Training

You can keep track of your training history and future training needs (or that of your employees) through an enterprise learning management system.

You can schedule up to a year of training at little cost.


7. Top Experts

Courses are designed and created by top experts in their various industries. These are industry practitioners themselves. So no theory, no fluff; just what you need to get your certification.


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